Best Technology Gifts for Under $200!

The holidays are always a great time to give friends and family the technology gifts they need, or let’s face it, they want! How do you know you are getting the best quality for the best price? Well, here are my top five suggestions for technology gifts to help you with your shoppping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Continue reading Best Technology Gifts for Under $200!

Windows 10: Everything you Need to Know

Today is the big release day for Microsoft’s latest operating system “Windows 10.” This time around, however, it’s different. For anybody currently running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 you can upgrade to Windows 10 100% free. (Just make sure you meet the requirements).  Although most of you will end up with a free copy of Windows 10 Home Edition (which is still an amazing operating system), if you own Windows 7 or 8  Professional or Ultimate Editions your upgrade will give you Windows 10 Pro!

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What is Net Neutrality?

Recently in the news and all over the internet there have been a lot of talk about something called “Net Neutrality.” While some are familiar with the term others have little to no knowledge about it. Net Neutrality is actually very important and affects almost every internet user in the United States! It is vital that people are educated about it and that is what I plan to help in doing.

When first hearing about Net Neutrality, it can sound quite confusing but the more time you spend learning about it the more sense it will make.

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How Does the Internet Work? (Part 1: What Your Computer Needs)

You may (or may not) here this all the time. “The internet is a bunch of computers networked together” But what does that mean? How are they “networked” together and how does my computer get from computer to computer. This multipart blog post should help you have a better understanding of how the internet does what it does. Hover over images to find out what they are!

Part 1: What Your Computer Needs

You may know the basics parts of your computer. The monitor (the thing you look at), the computer (the big box sitting on your desk), your speakers, and your printer. You may have heard of this one thing called a router. The router is the rectangular prism with the antenna and blinking lights. Your router is the thing that “talks” to the internet. When you visit a website your router sends a signal to a server (more on servers later) and requests all the information it needs to display the site on your computer. Then it brings all the information back and puts it on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) Now a router is necessary to connect to the internet (don’t believe me? unplug it and open a webpage 🙂 )
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Staying Organized With ALL your Social Media

Have you ever felt that all your social media sites were “disconnected”? Have you ever wanted something to happen automatically without you having to lift a finger. You’ve come to the right post. With this app you can connect all your social media together with a few clicks. This app is called ifthisthenthat (or ifttt for short).
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Careful Downloading….Getting More Than You Bargained For!

Is your computer filled with unnecessary applications, internet ad-ons, and/or adware? You may have made a common mistake that many people unknowingly have made. They download too quickly. Now, I’m not saying you have to read the extensive terms of use agreement common on most downloads, but I AM saying that you should take a closer look when you are downloading.

The majority of people will do a simple next, next, I agree, finish routine but they miss the “fine print” so to speak. For example, today I was downloading Skype. If I did the “normal” routine, not only would I have additional applications, but also my homepage and default search engine would have been changed.
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