Careful Downloading….Getting More Than You Bargained For!

Is your computer filled with unnecessary applications, internet ad-ons, and/or adware? You may have made a common mistake that many people unknowingly have made. They download too quickly. Now, I’m not saying you have to read the extensive terms of use agreement common on most downloads, but I AM saying that you should take a closer look when you are downloading.

The majority of people will do a simple next, next, I agree, finish routine but they miss the “fine print” so to speak. For example, today I was downloading Skype. If I did the “normal” routine, not only would I have additional applications, but also my homepage and default search engine would have been changed.

Take a look at what Skype was planning on downloading while on the setup interface:

Weekly Tech Tips

Weekly Tech Tips02

See what I mean? These boxes are automatically checked for you to receive, GO BACK AND UNCHECK THEM!  And I consider Skype a “good” download. With some applications it will install new browsers, toolbars, etc. that not only slow down the download but also slow down your computer over all!

So what is the moral of the story? Next time you download, take a closer look and make sure NOTHING but what you want to download in the first place is going to arrive on your computer.

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