Staying Organized With ALL your Social Media

Have you ever felt that all your social media sites were “disconnected”? Have you ever wanted something to happen automatically without you having to lift a finger. You’ve come to the right post. With this app you can connect all your social media together with a few clicks. This app is called ifthisthenthat (or ifttt for short).

So what does ifttt do? Ifttt connects all your social media together (with your consent) and allows you to post, tweet, remind or whatever else you do, automatically . Allow me to give you an example. I told ifttt to AUTOMATICALLY post to my Facebook page after I published any post on this blog. Take a look:

Wordpress to Facebook

Now even if WordPress already does that for you, I also told it to do a note on Evernote . In fact there are TONS of combinations you can do. From reminding yourself to do something at a specific time or day, to tweeting whenever you post something on Facebook. Do you think the social media you use isn’t listed? Take a look!

Social Media

In other words unless you (for some reason) really don’t want to, you should GET THIS APP. Not only will it get you more organized but it also saves time!

Check out their website:

More about ifttt:

Note: This app is available for PC (online), IOS, and Android.

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