How Does the Internet Work? (Part 1: What Your Computer Needs)

You may (or may not) here this all the time. “The internet is a bunch of computers networked together” But what does that mean? How are they “networked” together and how does my computer get from computer to computer. This multipart blog post should help you have a better understanding of how the internet does what it does. Hover over images to find out what they are!

Part 1: What Your Computer Needs

You may know the basics parts of your computer. The monitor (the thing you look at), the computer (the big box sitting on your desk), your speakers, and your printer. You may have heard of this one thing called a router. The router is the rectangular prism with the antenna and blinking lights. Your router is the thing that “talks” to the internet. When you visit a website your router sends a signal to a server (more on servers later) and requests all the information it needs to display the site on your computer. Then it brings all the information back and puts it on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) Now a router is necessary to connect to the internet (don’t believe me? unplug it and open a webpage 🙂 )
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